End of an Era

Completely blown away on this.  I look forward to seeing what they do with the story.  Wow…


A Realm Reborn


I tried FFXIV sometime last year, September if my memory serves me well, and I enjoyed aspects of the game.  All together I wasn’t thrilled enough to continue a full-time sub, partially because I could barely run it on my computer at the time.  I have made some adjustments to my PC since then, just as Square Enix has adjusted several features of XIV.  The coming of 2.0, which I see is being called “A Realm Reborn”, has me head over heels for the game once more.  I am looking forward to Sept-Oct. this year.


TERA – An Actual Warrior Guide

I thought I would give a shout out to Teoh’s awesome Warrior Guide.  Shower yourself with some of the strategies to get more mobility with those swords.

– TTred

ArenaNet has lost control of the Mesmer

It would seem this candid, yet obvious, information was meant to hit the internet come Wednesday.  There isn’t much surprise at the final profession being the Mesmer, however, the community grows hungry for the nitty-gritty bits about how the Mesmer will function in GW2.  There is a video out and it exists out of context.  That will be remedied in 2 days time.

As someone who has never really played GW1, I know practically nil about the Mesmer profession.  I understand the basic ideas of it being a master illusionist of sorts, but more than that.  From what I can gather in the video the professions seems able to replicate itself in the forms of other professions for a short while.  Also, the array of weapons available to the profession is very intriguing.  Caster with a greatsword?  Neat-o.  Maybe I’ll post something to follow this up when Anet condones the juicy details.  Maybe…

Still living,

– TTRed

GW2 PVP Roundup

An Asura Thief in action during the Battle of Khylo. A great overview of the map.

The match between Arenanet (red) and Boom Control (blue).  Human Elementalist (arenanet) PoV.  It’s a 10 minute fight and shows the potential behind GW2 becoming an e-sport.

[Part 1]

Sylvari Engineer.  Includes commentary that provides a good deal of insight behind the mechanics during PvP.

[Part 2]

Shows some more of the Engineer‘s mobility.  These are going to be a pain to deal with. >.>

A Human Warrior taking names with sword and board.  I’m assuming it’s a Human because of the size difference between her and the Charr.  A great deal of teamwork is shown here, wtg blue guys.  The overall hardiness of the Warrior makes me look forward to playing the profession.

I’ll be sure to add more as they appear!  Stay posted. :O

– Thrangis