Thrangis the Exile

I’m sure I talked about Path of Exile before… somewhere in here.  One moment.


It was vague, but oh well.  I have been playing PoE on and off since then.  The random legacy dumps can be frustrating – sticking all my characters on an “old characters” server where no one else is playing.  After three of those I was giving the thing a break.  But, I was able to get a confirmation on reddit that there may be only one more wipe before Open Beta.  Meaning that OB will be synonymous with launch.


There will be a complete wipe (excluding character names) when we enter Open Beta. That will be the last wipe.

There may be legacy migrations before then (where we put all the characters in the legacy league), but I’m trying to avoid those because it upsets players.

I’m currently leveling a Shadow and I hope to test out a spell-crit build for him before OB begins.

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– TTred



What has Thrangis the red been up to these long, long, very quiet months?  Simple and very irregular posts about random things that I like were all this place has seen.  I was really treating my blog like a twitter account, which only assisted in proving I hadn’t died.

My goals for this blog originated in telling my own stories about games I play, reviews about games I play, and guides for games I play.  I lightly touched the last subject with Warhammer Online, but we all know how BiowareMythic is handling that ship.

At the moment I’m not really taking any of the games I am playing seriously.  My re-debut into game blogging will be with En Masse Entertainment’s TERA online.  I’ve wanted to play TERA since seeing the Korean version.  My anticipation for it has only grown after hearing the extensive “westernization” done by EME.

I hope to join the beta testing before it progresses to the open stage.  I understand there is an NDA on the current Alpha testing and that will probably continue over to the CB, but who’s to say for certain?

The biggest reason I want to play TERA is to provide first hand account on whether or not it will be the “asian-grind-fest” that everyone is saying it will.  I have many doubts it will fall into that category with EME at the wheel, but I have no personal experience to validate these doubts.  Only developer promises and speculation.

I also wouldn’t mind dabbling more into video production for the games I play.  Be them guides, tips, or pvp.

Of course, the biggest prize of all will be the awaited release date of Guild Wars 2.  GW2 is, by far, of the highest interest to me in the upcoming MMO market.  So many aspects of the game exude innovative design that I grow weary waiting for the chance to play it.

Perhaps I and many others take our expectations for the game to a higher than normal level, but is that really so surprising when you look at what Arenanet plans to do?

To bundle all of this up.  No, I’m far from dead.  Yes, I plan on talking about games eventually.

P.S. – I do plan on renovating the page at some point before TERA.  You know, to give myself a fresh start with a new look.  I’m sure my banner has had some people wondering “wtf?”.


Wakfu you too!

That didn’t quite come out as I intended.  But hey, I’m making another post!  What joyous proclamations!

While I’m kicking myself of boredom, or trying my gosh darned hardest, while I wait for, GW2 aside… the 11th of November.  Because of… you don’t know yet?  Skyrim!  And then… maybe in the beginning of next year, I’ll be randomly selected, with higher probability then jury duty (which I avoided a few weeks back), for Open Beta of TERA.  Because Eastern/Western cross-overs are somewhat of a past time for me.  But since I have nothing going on in my gaming life at the moment, I stumbled upon this utterly ridiculous amalgam of… some sort of… cartoony, turn based, violence.  Oh and crafting.  Behold:

Though the game doesn’t look, or play, as it does in this humorous visual ensemble.  Its witticism remains in tact through a majority of the game’s dialogue and danger-less adventures.

This is what I have found myself doing, when I’m not doing something else.  Which usually includes some form of college involvement, drawing, or working.

I won’t let this blog die yet!

– TTred

Silly Frilly Outfits

I’m at the stage in my Evie adventuring where everyone around my level looks pretty much the same.  The sad thing is we all got together and decided to buy our clothes from the Little Bo Peep catalog.  Now I’m pushing really hard to get into some more practical mage-alchemist attire.

Overall I like the class, but I am beginning to miss Fiona now and again.  Evie has no grapple maneuvers that I have seen yet.  I recall a video of her using some interesting group levitate ability on everything around her… but I’m assuming I won’t get a taste of that until later.

There’s still some hiccups in the latency department for group missions.  I really wish they would make it more stable.  Usually I am cutting myself to only two other members to reduce the chance for random lag.  I can play solo and enjoy myself for only so long.

– Thrangis

Open Beta Trailer

I’ve really been enjoying Vindictus since I installed it on my PC.  It has the makings of a great action mmo and is enjoyable to play for hours on end, even alone.  Just recently I found it was using the Source Engine, which makes sense with all the game’s physics.  There are some things to mention for anyone who is playing or wants to play.  If you don’t have a stable ISP, don’t try to host a mission for other players.  Vindictus is set up to have the “party leader” for the mission be the host for the level.  So, a slower connection means lag for the rest of the team.  Since it works this way, you can also be affected by a really laggy individual who joins your party. I know Nexon is working to make this less of an issue, it’s already improved a great deal since closed beta.

If you ever want to look me up, I play a Fiona named Lethuin on the West Server.  :)

Oh, one final thing.  The fishing in the game, whenever fish decide to show up, is extreme.  I won’t go into the details right now, but I will say this: harpoon crossbows attached at the wrist.

– B