Thrangis the Exile

I’m sure I talked about Path of Exile before… somewhere in here.  One moment.


It was vague, but oh well.  I have been playing PoE on and off since then.  The random legacy dumps can be frustrating – sticking all my characters on an “old characters” server where no one else is playing.  After three of those I was giving the thing a break.  But, I was able to get a confirmation on reddit that there may be only one more wipe before Open Beta.  Meaning that OB will be synonymous with launch.


There will be a complete wipe (excluding character names) when we enter Open Beta. That will be the last wipe.

There may be legacy migrations before then (where we put all the characters in the legacy league), but I’m trying to avoid those because it upsets players.

I’m currently leveling a Shadow and I hope to test out a spell-crit build for him before OB begins.

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– TTred

GW2 release date… kind of

So, Arenanet decided to officially declare the release year for GW2.  I’m not really going to go into the whole “year of the dragon” thing.  I wouldn’t be entirely surprised if someone at Arenanet happens to celebrate Chinese New Year and commented “Oh, hey!  GW2 has dragons and this is the year of the dragon!  That’s neat.”  There is no actual “date” associated with the release period for the game.

This year, you’ll finally be able to immerse yourself in the vast, diverse world of Tyria.

That’s about it.  Somewhere between now and December 31, 2012 we will all be playing Guild Wars 2.  For a game that only really took interest in last year I am surprisingly hoping for a winter 2012 release.  Reason?  I want to play TERA for a while before playing GW2.  I would be quite perturbed if I had to choose between which game to play.  Or worse, having to playing them both and effectively diluting my involvement with the game.  Ideally I can get into TERA beta, buy the game on May 1st, and play for several months (7 or so would be perfect) before GW2 comes around.   I could then successfully devote solid “launch time” towards the game.  Besides, Christmas time is usually a profitable season for releasing games.

Side note:.  I’m trying to get a beta key (2 preferably) for Path of Exile.  If anyone knows (or has) a site that is providing these I would be glad to check it out. :)