Thrangis the Exile

I’m sure I talked about Path of Exile before… somewhere in here.  One moment.


It was vague, but oh well.  I have been playing PoE on and off since then.  The random legacy dumps can be frustrating – sticking all my characters on an “old characters” server where no one else is playing.  After three of those I was giving the thing a break.  But, I was able to get a confirmation on reddit that there may be only one more wipe before Open Beta.  Meaning that OB will be synonymous with launch.


There will be a complete wipe (excluding character names) when we enter Open Beta. That will be the last wipe.

There may be legacy migrations before then (where we put all the characters in the legacy league), but I’m trying to avoid those because it upsets players.

I’m currently leveling a Shadow and I hope to test out a spell-crit build for him before OB begins.

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– TTred

The year of the Dra-… ARPG?

Inevitably I am going to buy Diablo 3.  Ever since watching the upper half of a player being bitten off and his body tossed aside, I knew I wanted to play it.  Is it a true continuation of Diablo 2?  Perhaps in story, but I feel the nitty-gritty, dark, horror-esque style has somewhat lessened.  Maybe Blizzard has spruced the title up a little too much?  Who’s to say?  Oh well.

Currently I am waiting to get into beta for Grinding Gear Games’ Path of Exile.  Perhaps I will or perhaps I will simply wait until the open beta starts.  The overall theme of the game is perfectly grim and despairing.  I feel the true spirit of Diablo/2 in this game.  Well… from the videos at least.  Still needing to try my hand.

After involving myself a bit in the community over at PoE, I was lead to other action rpgs on the frontier.

There is some excitement around the title Grim Dawn.  It is the second arpg to be developed by Iron Lore entertainment, the makers of Titan Quest.  If you enjoyed Titan Quest I would suggest taking a look at Grim Dawn, if you haven’t already.

It doesn’t hold the same atmosphere for me as PoE, but it does well at directing the focus and mindset in the game to that of a war-torn society.

…where iron has replaced gold as currency and the importance of salt as a weapon makes it far too valuable to waste on food.

Next up is R.A.W. – Realms of Ancient War.  Announced back at… E3 2011 I believe.  Just recently starting to increase their publicity.  It looks like it’s going to be a cross platform ARPG (PS Network/XBox Live/PC).  I don’t know all that much about it at the moment.  From the teaser trailer I gather there is going to be three classes (mage/warrior/archer).  The environment and combat pace looks remarkably similar to Diablo 3, maybe a little faster on the pace?  The video may just be sped up, so I can’t say for certain.

After Diablo 3 that’s three additional ARPG titles on the horizon.  Keep an eye on them.