Currently I’m experiencing TERA at a very casual pace.  I have an assortment of alts that I bounce between, most between 30 and 35, with my main character just now hitting 40 (lancer).  I’ve attempted to keep track of the main questline, however it randomly becomes convoluted or boils down to killing x mobs to get to Elleon (the main good guy, as far as I know).  Am I enjoying myself?  Yes; the combat is engaging and I have always been fascinated by the type of creatures Asian games have a knack for creating.  Is the game lacking? Yes; I don’t feel myself being drawn into the story at all.  I hop on to enjoy the combat and see unique areas and monsters.  Other than that I am losing interest in what is taking place.  I still plan on reading it in the hope that I may puzzle out its musings.

A small part of me wanted to experience open pvp for TERA, the combat system is perfect for it, but I can hardly bring myself to suffer the ignorant crowds that inhabit those realms.  I consistently see players parting those worlds and searching for other, more mature servers, usually mine.  I’m hanging on for the Battleground/Arena system, supposedly coming later this summer.

– TTred

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  1. You probably know this by now, but the story is not worth following. From what I understand, the story existing in this game is a thrown-together rewrite of the plot, which isn’t even the same as the Korean version, meaning that they made shit up and tried to force it into the existing framework. Which just leaves it a giant clusterfuck.

    • I’m enjoying some of the main quest content post Allemantheia, but I have noticed a few twists and turns in the story that make little sense or confuse me. It would have been nice to see how the original story developed in the Korean version. A better translation would have been appreciated.


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