P2P and Premium Services

TERA is currently battling a firestorm of forum threads on a singular topic: the Cash Shop.  The general cry from the community hits a monotonous, repetitive, note:  “You put in a cash shop and I’m out of here!”

The extent of the services cover the typical variety: Name change, appearance change, gender bending, and race swapping.  And currently they’re supplying a single cosmetic weapon for each class.  Oh no.  Those greedy bastards.  How dare they offer those of the who didn’t pre-order the game an opportunity to get a cosmetic item aside from the numerous unique cosmetic items available in-game from achievements and quests?  How do they sleep at night?  On a bed of money, that’s how.

I will give the main reason why I am not only happy about the addition of a cash shop, but will probably buy things from it later on down the road:  It supports a game I like.

When did it become an issue for a company to offer more products for its consumers?  I don’t understand how limiting spending options for the buyers is a good thing.  If the game doesn’t have a shop and you don’t spend money how is that different from the game having a shop and you not spending money?

– TTred

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  1. I hate cash shops too, but not to the point where I would leave a game that I am enjoying otherwise. It used to piss me off when games I like added cash shops, but it happens to so many games now I just say ‘meh’ and go back to playing. If people want their real life money on virtual items inside of games then who am I to try and stop them? That said, I do greatly prefer that the stores only have cosmetic items and name/race changes like Tera has done over items/services that affect the game experience for people.

    The biggest concern I have with The Secret World is that it has a cash shop, but I am still planning on getting it and enjoying it!

    • It’s a silly reaction some of the forum community is having and I don’t honestly believe that EME will take it seriously. If the price is an issue for the players, they simply express their opinion by not purchasing the item.


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