TERA, GW2, and… Tribes?

Ok, first off.  I want to address the fact that TERA is nearing release.  I’m ready.  Second, I’m getting what I want:

“Tera CBT1” Feb 18, 2012

The rest of the quests are simply there to grind up my levels.  If the combat weren’t so interesting… I don’t know.  I wouldn’t mind if more MMOs, at this point, implement something akin to the Rifts from Rift.  Spice up the task oriented questing with a little random… something!

Challenge the Nexus

EME Apr 13, 2012

A nexus is the perfect place to go when you want a great action experience but need to be flexible about grouping and time. When you enter a nexus, it all happens automatically: you’re put in a group, you’re given the relevant quests, and you’ll receive your fair share of the rewards. Participate as long as you like. The nexus is a dangerous place, and it’s not going to run out of bad guys anytime soon.

I’m happy to see this.  Very happy.


My plan for GW2 is something strange.  I know that the game is going to get a ton of coverage from media sites and the whole range of bloggers, myself included.  However, my approach to blogging about GW2 will be very different from others.

I will be playing GW2, but only after the game has been out for a couple of months.  A 2 or 3 month delay should suffice.  I will be writing from the perspective of a “new” player.  I just heard about GW2, but it’s been out for a few months.  Will the community be easy to step into?  Will the content provide enough group play experiences for me?  Will I feel left behind the other players who have been playing the game since release? Will WvW and Structured PvP be balanced?

I’m sure I’ll have some other questions as I play, but it should be an interesting experience.

Until that point in time, I will be going dark on GW2 information.  Nothing new about the game will show up here until I start up my account.  :)


I just downloaded Tribes the other day, when it launched, and I am having a blast.  Wow.  I played Aerial Assault on the PS2 back in middle school and loved the game.  Never played it online, I was a weird kid, but it’s a blast!  Hi-Rez did a great job with the game.  Skiing was never so enjoyable.

Keep an eye out for me: TTred


– TTred

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