Ready for release

I’m eagerly awaiting April 28th.  The date I can “start” playing TERA online.  My beta experiences have been good.  I had to scrap making any videos about the game, I am lucky when I get 20 FPS without Fraps running.  I snagged a new GPU for the game, but my CPU is just below par.  Need to look into fixing that at some point in the future…  yeah.

I can’t say I want to test anything further in the game.  I’m ready to play.  I don’t want to experience all the content before I can claim all the content I experience.  It all gets wiped before release.  TERA is, insofar, linear up to level 30.  Judging from the size of the world map there is plenty of content to fill up the higher levels.  I’ll jump in every now and again during each beta event, but I won’t exhibit any intention to level.

TERA delivers the sensation that “endgame” is going to be where all the focus really starts developing.  Not my favorite method, but I’m willing to give a go before I make any claims.  Also, crafting is looking tedious.  I doubt I’ll do much with that.  I really want to try politics in this game.  I liked the effect and role it played in EVE, but I am partial to fantasy settings.

Ok, did they really not think they would have over a million sign ups?  I find that hard to believe.  I love the thank you however.  Really touching.  I’m touched.  Thank me with a beta invite next time. <3

The videos displays some much sought after WvW engagements.  Huge trebs tearing up a wall and other crazy, large-scale, shenanigans.

Totalbiscuit overview of underwater mechanics.  About 12 minutes.  Give it a look, if you can stand the brit.


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