No, I did not test PvP.  I wanted to, but decided against it for two reasons.

  1. I can hardly manage open world encounters on my PC, so my PvP will definitely be focused on “structured” engagement.
  2. It’s beta and the early areas were teaming with ravenous gankers and PK’rs who raced to 22+.  The chat was ablaze with racial slurs and expletives, albeit “censored” as best as the system can manage.   The first to the end made it difficult for the rest to proceed.
    • I highly doubt that the game will proceed in the same manner after launch.

What did I focus on for the three days given to me?  Well, my first priority was deciding which classes I want to play for when the game comes out.  Aside from determining whether or not I like the game beta serves as a highway for test driving which car I want.

I was working on a Sorcerer last CBT and enjoyed the ranged, AoE, combat and overall squishy nature of the class.  Traditional glass cannon type scenario.  I leveled each profession up to 12, except for Mystic, and was able to get a rough conclusion on their play style.


I didn’t want to play as a Lancer when I first heard about the game and slowly became more acquainted with Arborea.  I played a Templar in Aion and was overall disappointed after 50 levels.  I didn’t want to play a tank this time.  They looked slow with very little versatility.

Action combat changes everything.  I love Lancer.  I will be a Lancer at release.  Having to time your blocks and just being up front in theactionof this action-MMO was so much fun.  The damage is definitely lower than other classes, but the fun factor outweighs the damage for me.


The class is fun to play and dodging around your opponents can take some good understanding of how the enemy moves.  Bigger monsters and BAMs, however, were sometimes easier to read.


I lumped these two together because I disliked Mystic.  The summon/pet thing detracted from the combat in my opinion.  I wish he was a little more automated in his assistance.

As for Priest, great class.  I didn’t feel like being a healer this time around so I let my brother take up that mantle.  He really enjoyed the class and it deals decent damage in its own right.  The healing system, through AoEs and the target system were fun to use.


Even though this class attacks very slowly, the high damage was fun to see.  Great AoE skills and the ability to block, while not as good as Lancer, was helpful. This is going to be an alt for me at some point. :P


My brother made a Berserker, so I made a Slayer to accompany him.  The synergy of the two was nice and I enjoy that a majority of my skills hit behind my character.  If played properly it’s very easy to avoid most, if not all, damage.


Archer seems fun.  It had the potential to be fun for me.  But, I simply enjoyed Sorcerer more.  Archer is like a faster attacking Sorcerer with fewer AoE abilities.

Abrupt end it seems…

I will be throwing together a video montage thing for CBT 2.  I will also talk more about the crafting I attempted when I was recording.  Not looking forward to crafting.  =\

– TTred

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  1. FYI I play a mystic and don’t use the tank pet at all, as I find pet micromanagement to be annoying. I main heal in dungeons (which I’m really enjoying), and solo pet-less except for the limited duration pets, like the DPS and Heal that I have chained to my teleport and certain attack cooldowns.

    Otherwise I roll without them.

    At level 23 I pull roughly 8 same level mobs, not counting minions and manage just fine.

    Of course the class isn’t for everyone though. :D

    • To iterate, when I first tried a Mystic in CB2 and got the summon pet ability, I was completely turned off.

      It’s not until I saw some Elvish Mystic in CB4 solo a BAM with no pet that a light went off in my head and I decided I would make Mystic my Open Beta main.

      My heart really belongs to Warrior though, since that was my CB main and I fell in love with the class immediately.

      Especially the tanking, tanking is really really interesting on a Warrior… and normally I don’t even like to tank.

      • I’m actually going to focus on a Mystic, instead of a Sorcerer after release. Watching a few in the OBT and glancing over their abilities I think they might be a lot of fun. Also, I recently learned that their pet management isn’t necessary and, like you saw with the Elven Mystic, usually isn’t used at higher levels (aside from the fairy). :)

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