GW2 Press Beta Videos

Simple, quiet, stroll through the Borderlands of WvW.  Gives a decent impression of the size of WvW.  Huge.

This is a great one from CurseNetwork.  In the first 30 seconds you get a look at the “War Score” system for WvW.  Judging from the little icons I would assume they represent, from left to right: Resource Camps > Towers > Keeps > Central castle thingy (Stonemill Castle)

If we assume all potential objectives are taken, that’s a total of 120 objectives across 4 maps/areas.  So, 30 objectives per area.  The Mists are very big.

Definitely give the rest of the videos a look over if you want to see more: CurseNetwork GW2 Playlist

A very lengthy WvW overview (45 minutes).  Unedited.  Tedious.  May be difficult to watch for some.

Narrated overview of WvW from IGN.  A guided introduction to WvW.  Good if your wondering what to expect.

A non-“GW2 Fanboy” perspective of GW2.  Entertaining as well.

There were a ton of videos available to watch.  Team Legacy was my major source for rounding up the ones that I did.  I focused more on watching the WvW videos, because honestly the others are revisited information with slightly updated UI configurations.  I’m not one of those players that wants to know everything about the game before I play it.  Let’s save what we can for Christmas morning right?

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  1. Saolue

     /  February 20, 2012

    Thank you for all the videos! You put together all the decent ones that weren’t just clips and that were actually combat and playthrough! Not just silly skill watchings and UI mechanics, i’m sorry to those who want to watch 2 minutes videos, but i don’t…
    Thanks a ton and you saved me from having to look through all those videos!


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