I did manage to participate in the first CBT of EME’s TERA Online.  Here’s a jumble of screenshots.

They were taken on my brother’s PC, because… mine was a tower of junk at the time.  I updated a few parts these last few days and I should see some grand improvements.

Anyway, there’s are features about TERA that I like and enjoy quite a bit, but there’s also areas that I wish would be done away with or drastically changed.

Character Creation

I spent almost an hour on the character creation screen.  It offers great diversity and customization without crossing over into the monstrosities possible in Aion.

This is not a person who has long to live.

I will attempt to use my words to describe the options available to you.

If you don’t care that much about character creation they provide a series of preset creations you can choose from to speed up the process.

The first option given to you is “Feature”, or simply what your hair/top of the head looks like.  I found myself selecting a hair color and then skipping to the “Face” section.  I like to design the face before picking a hair style.  Under the “Face” section you have 20+ face options.  They vary greatly and can even be honed to your own liking later in the “Find Details” section.  There’s a third section called “Adornment”.  Each face comes with it’s own set of modifications under the “Adornment” tab that include paint/tattoos/shadowing/scars (at least what I thought were scars).  For the High Elf and Castanic only three options existed as “accessories” (objects that were actually attached to your face), in a matter of speaking.  When I made a female Aman every face had an accessory.  Lastly, you select from 6 voices, on a scale of “mountainous rumble” to “pre-pubescent/small animal”.


I played a Sorcerer for CBT1 and if my character remains for CBT2 I will continue playing a Sorcerer.

Ranged combat took only a moment to get used to with the third-person shooter combat design.  I enjoyed it right away, but it lost a bit of its initial flair until level 20.  After level 20, the fun was rekindled.  The “skill lock-on” feature of combat adds an interesting element.  I can run, target, and keep running with my targets locked.  Waiting for the right moment to stand still and let of AoE fireballs barrage or roots take hold.


This is the biggest issue I had with the game.  I was looking forward to seeing some of the main quest line.  You know, try to get a “feel” for the world of Arborea.  A place I know very little about.  The quests were difficult to swallow.  Traditional quest style with nothing really shining out.  The cut scenes are Aion caliber.  I didn’t get a chance to do the Bastion of Lok, aka “Secret Base” (SB).  So, no word on that from me.   I made it to 22 at a casual pace.  I had other tasks, sadly, that needed doing during the first CBT.

I’m holding out for the Political System to offer me immersive storyline and more of the Main questline.  The rest of the quests are simply there to grind up my levels.  If the combat weren’t so interesting… I don’t know.  I wouldn’t mind if more MMOs, at this point, implement something akin to the Rifts from Rift.  Spice up the task oriented questing with a little random… something!  Argh!


More to come on this after CBT2.  Since the cap is only going to 27, I will be able to put more emphasis on crafting.  I’ll be looking at the consumable craft, Alchemy.

Overall, I enjoyed TERA and I am looking forward to testing PvP in the next beta event.

Until then. :)

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  1. I had the hardest time trying to escort those 3 pigs into the pen. In the end I gave up so if you get there and there are a million people trying to do the same thing, I recommend you skip it or go back to it later instead of wasting your time as it’s a timed quest.

    • I do recall that quest. Initially I was going on a rampage, destroying everyone’s pigs before they could grab them. Then I read, for the first time, the quest I had picked up. I’m sure people were bugged at me. xD


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