More GW2 Sneak Peaks

I find the whole sneaking and peaking before the summit of GW2 Beta/Release a bit painstaking.  But, what else can I do about except receive the information and blog about it?  I think I’ve completely burned off my brother’s ear with constant information.  Every. Time. I. Find. Something. New.  He’s told me to leave him alone until the game comes out.

It would seem that GuildWarsInsider, or simply GWI, is doing a splendid job of having inside information.  The first batch of exclusive information provided was a series of terrain shots for a new PvP Map.

Mountainous PvP

Original Image

Marked locations

The traditional Red vs Blue now battle high in the mountains, on the way to the Shiverpeaks I assume.  What can be gleaned from this image? Let’s see…  It looks like both teams are positioned on the same side of the map instead of opposing ends.  The map also looks relatively small.  There’s a central distant objective, appearing to be equal distance from either base. Oh, I notice is a cave entrance against the mountain side, in what looks like some sort of mining operation?  Perhaps there will be a good portion of underground combat to this map.  The heavy mist/fog might provide some cover from those who have higher ground.  I don’t see any trebuchets in this screen.  The only thing that kind of resembles one may just be a crane for the mining decor.  There’s another underground entrance in the mist, but the it looks like a catacomb/mausoleum entrance.  Perhaps the mine connects into the mausoleum.  What I can’t see is if there’s an underground entrance on the blue teams side of the map.  I would assume so for terrain “balance”.  Though, who’s to say?

Ok, next image is a closer view of the Blue base entrance… or at least one of them.  Is this the one facing the Red base/central field?  Hard to say.  Other than that… looks like the Blue team like white lions.

Now for the Red base.  Who favor black dragons.  I can determine that this is the central opening, the one facing more towards the Blue base.  If you want to know what the blue base looks like with its gate open, just imagine blue flags.

This must be the central objective on the opposite end of the map.  It has a very ancient crypt feel.  This has me reneging my original thoughts on the “mining operation”, perhaps they were simply wanting to find another route/entrance deep into this old ruin.  Anyway, I can see some construction in the sides of the large spikes jutting out from behind the structure.  Hopefully that’s not simply for environmental design.

Overall, I strongly believe this map will have a good portion of underground combat through tunnels/chambers.  I don’t see anything else that stands out as objectives on the surface of this map besides the top of the ruin.  Either this map only has one objective, which would be terrible, or the rest are underground (or simply out of the shot).  Also, will there be some form of ranged environmental weapons?  I don’t see any trebs.  Ballistas might be interesting.  Or maybe control levers for underground traps and pitfalls.

Scholarly Attire

The next screenshots provided by GWI were the PvP Gear for all Scholar Professions (Elementalist, Necromancer, Mesmer). This is what all non-cosmetically altered Scholar professions will look like in structured PvP.

Red attire with plenty of opportunities for enemy blades to find their way into your ribs, upper chest, or… thigh.  Thank goodness our nipples are safe.

I prefer the tone of the red over the blue.  This one seems over saturated.  At least the Blue team’s scholars will have the same weaknesses as your team.  Aim for the sides!

  I didn’t really get that much extra from these two images.  I wish they would have set them in the new map, but alas.  Just more Kyhlo.  Is the first one Kyhlo as well?  Asura gate and bricks.  What should that mean to me?

– TTred

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