Wakfu you too!

That didn’t quite come out as I intended.  But hey, I’m making another post!  What joyous proclamations!

While I’m kicking myself of boredom, or trying my gosh darned hardest, while I wait for, GW2 aside… the 11th of November.  Because of… you don’t know yet?  Skyrim!  And then… maybe in the beginning of next year, I’ll be randomly selected, with higher probability then jury duty (which I avoided a few weeks back), for Open Beta of TERA.  Because Eastern/Western cross-overs are somewhat of a past time for me.  But since I have nothing going on in my gaming life at the moment, I stumbled upon this utterly ridiculous amalgam of… some sort of… cartoony, turn based, violence.  Oh and crafting.  Behold:

Though the game doesn’t look, or play, as it does in this humorous visual ensemble.  Its witticism remains in tact through a majority of the game’s dialogue and danger-less adventures.

This is what I have found myself doing, when I’m not doing something else.  Which usually includes some form of college involvement, drawing, or working.

I won’t let this blog die yet!

– TTred

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