What’s going on?

Nothing spectacular, sadly.  PAX came and went, Eurogamer is going on right now, but there hasn’t been anything worth mentioning as far as I am concerned.  I was glad to finally see Asura week, but again this is a minor bit of information.  I’d like to see the final profession and some more about world/organized pvp.  I guess I will just have to wait it out.  There’s nothing big coming from the other MMO I’m waiting for, TERA.  With the release of the “go date” for NA players there’s no major reason to continue checking on them aside from potential Beta stuff.

For the time being I’ve been bouncing around games like a child with ADD.  I was thinking about pre-ording the Rise of Isengard, but dissuaded  myself because I play the game so casually it would be a waste of funds.  Free-to-play games have filled up my leisure time when I’m not watching new episodes of my favorite animes…  Btw, Usagi Drop and No. 6 are both very enjoyable, if short.

In an attempt to make this post more GW2 focused.  Two great fan sites function as profession specific havens and we will be certain to come across more as the game nears relea… the future.

First up is  Thiefcraft.  Started back in April, since when there’s be a casual lull, but hopefully there will be something more to come from them in the future.

Up next is NecroBator.  What I hope is the word combination of Necromancer of incuBator.  They have been running strong since… June I think?  They have quite the websource at their disposal.  Complete with login, forums, GW2 related tools, and general GW2 news.  All of this comes included with the wonderous Necromancer focus of the fan site.  :D

Finally is a potential contender from ShaunNox over at ConjurePhantasm.  If we happen to discover that everyone’s assumptions are correct and the final profession is the Mesmer, which we all happen to suspect, then ShaunNox will be leading the charge for a Mesmer focused GW2 fan site.  He’s currently looking for willing participants to development said goal, but again… there’s still that pesky issue have having the 8th profession be the Mesmer.  Best of luck to you Nox.

– Thrangis

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