GW2 – A need for competitive 3 way

I never had the opportunity to play GW1’s PvP, but I’ve heard good things about it from those who have.  I enjoy PvP/RvR of all sorts, especially coordinated play, and Arenanet will be continuing the competitive focus into GW2.

PvP is broken into two styles: Pickup and Competitive.  With a “hot join” setup similar to picking a server in TF2.

Quick Join Menu; easy to read and navigate.

Aside from all of the gameplay changes that GW2 is bringing to the MMO genre, what has been presented so far isn’t all that foreign.  The Battle of Kyhlo is a simple Team 1 – Team 2, Red vs. Blue, scenario (battleground, warfront, etc.) that Anet decided to use as its demo.   The main feature that creates disparity between GW2’s Conquest maps and other MMO scenarios is the inclusion of “Secondary Objectives” that have nothing to do with control points or flags.

Simplified armor color for better visual queues.

These can be trebuchets, repair kits, and destructible environments, like those in the Battle of Kyhlo map. In another map, for instance, a secondary objective takes the form of a giant dragon flying overhead, blasting portions of the map and killing players who are fighting below.

Secondary objectives allow us to create an environment where you always understand the basic objectives, no matter which map you’re playing, but they also let us create radically different high-level strategies through the unique mechanics of each map.

While these certainly add a level of “Ooo! Cool!” to an otherwise “Seen it before.” style of PvP, I think there is still something missing.  Something more needs to be provided to the competitive crowd.

We’ve yet to hear anything about World vs. World vs. World (or simply WvW), which will feature the highly sought after 3-way PvP.  Though it is meant to be a more “casual” style of open RvR (literally 3 servers/realms face off in an open map).

August 2011 photo of the WvW map

This is great to have that experience of “war all around” and any and all objective you choose to do, be it solo or group focused, will go to aid your server in the struggle.  WvW is what many players and pvp fans have been wanting from MMOs over the years and have sourly been disappointed.  Competitive players will be unable to get a consistent challenge in the WvW environment and will ultimately turn to the Tournament style maps.  Even with the “spice” Anet is adding to this style of PvP, the flavor is familiar.

Arenanet can make the competitive field much better with the addition of 3-way tournament maps.  There will be no need to remove the Red vs. Blue maps, those will remain viable and will still gather followers from the players who enjoy it.  However, 3-way maps give another tier of competition for those looking for a greater challenge.  The 3-way maps could be used in the same manner as the 2-way maps; hot joinable matches and competitive matches.

The way the PvP in GW2 is forming at this moment is promising and yet there is more potential Arenanet could tap into.

– Thrangis
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  1. I know that in GW1 the hall of heroes featured 3 way battles so i would not be suprised to see new game types that feature more than two teams rollout after launch. I personally would like to see a DOTA-like map series in GW2 at some point.

    • That’s good to know. I really enjoyed seeing the re-entry of 3-way battles in modern MMOs and am glad to hear it was present in GW1 HoH. :)
      Thanks for you comment and I added you to the blogroll! I look forward to seeing Shongaqu in GW2.


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