GW2 PVP Roundup

An Asura Thief in action during the Battle of Khylo. A great overview of the map.

The match between Arenanet (red) and Boom Control (blue).  Human Elementalist (arenanet) PoV.  It’s a 10 minute fight and shows the potential behind GW2 becoming an e-sport.

[Part 1]

Sylvari Engineer.  Includes commentary that provides a good deal of insight behind the mechanics during PvP.

[Part 2]

Shows some more of the Engineer‘s mobility.  These are going to be a pain to deal with. >.>

A Human Warrior taking names with sword and board.  I’m assuming it’s a Human because of the size difference between her and the Charr.  A great deal of teamwork is shown here, wtg blue guys.  The overall hardiness of the Warrior makes me look forward to playing the profession.

I’ll be sure to add more as they appear!  Stay posted. :O

– Thrangis
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