The Root of the Sylvari Redesign

First off I would like to thank Kristen Perry for doing so well on capturing the Sylvari.  I am blown away by how good they look.  The previous design had them looking like a group of green elves wearing plants, but the update is great.  It’s a perfect molding of plant and humanoid.

The blog article relating to this goes into a great bit of detail in regards to anatomical design for both the Sylvari and the attire available to them.  I’ll leave the armor tidbits out, since I was more fascinated by the anatomy behind the Sylvari.

The solution was to create an illusion of anatomy. The figure was not formed from a human with leaves on top of it, but rather a human shape made from grown plant parts.

The struggle stemmed (pun intended) from the difficulty in merging these two entities into a seamless being.  On one spectrum you essentially  have humans with plants either growing off of or adorning them.  On the other you become too distant from the human-like beauty that Sylvari are said to express.  A walking fern or… piece of broccoli maybe.

Overall, day 1 of Sylvari week has been exactly what the fans have wanted.

– Thrangis


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