GW2 @ Comic-Con [update: now with Warrior footage!]

Has it really been 18 days since my last post?  Yeesh.  Pardons please.  My respective online interests have kept me distracted.  Sadly, the games that are up and coming have been holding back on anything spectacular because of every event on the closing horizon.

Comic-Con is here now and I’ve been browsing it’s selection of GW2 flavored content.  Primarily it’s been random fan made footage of the Engineer, Thief and Guardian in roaming and underwater combat.  [WARNING: The videos have varying levels of audio.  Some are very loud.]

I was a bit disappointed I didn’t find any Warrior information.  There’s been talk about changing some of the mechanics behind the Warrior’s Adrenaline mechanic, because they found it bland.  I wanted to know if anything had been changed, but I guess I’ll have to keep waiting.

Also, I’ve been playing a lot more TF2 lately and wouldn’t mind joining up with any fellow Steamers… steam-users.  Feel free to add me on Steam, simply ThrangisTheRed.  I’m very friendless at the moment.  Help me fix that.  :O


I was finally able to find some highly rare Warrior gameplay.  It’s early level, so the fighting isn’t anything spectacular.  What I was looking for was anything to indicate a change to Adrenaline.  From what I could tell, there wasn’t a passive boost to his melee, even with a full Adrenaline meter.  He was still able to use it us normally as well.  My guess is they removed it for the time being and left it only as a build up gauge until they’ve finally decided on what the Warrior specific, unique, thing should be.

Also, there’s a glimpse at the beginning of one of the early hidden Dynamic Event chains.


– Thrangis

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