A Heapin’ Helpin’ of GW2

Some new GW2 content? Delicious.  This is a pleasant find today, which also happens to be GW2 Fan Day!  What does that mean?  I’m not entirely sure…

I have kept myself busy with various console titles this past week.  For some odd reason I felt like playing through Oblivion again.  I’m just looking forward to Skyrim honestly.  There’s a good variety to go over today, I’ll be sure to leave the fanboy bits out (the GW2 Fan Day photos) since there are so many of them.  Feel free to look at them here though. If you really want to.

Dungeons – by Jeff Grubb

Jumping right into it.  We have instanced based dungeons!  To which you might say, “Yeah? So does everyone else.  This sounds no different.”  And you would be right, but only partly so.

Each of our dungeons is divided into story and explorable versions. The story version of each dungeon comes first, and completing it unlocks the ability to run the explorable version. In turn, the explorable versions of the dungeons have several options (usually three), each of which creates a different set of challenges and goals in the game.

So, each dungeon is four dungeons in one.  Dynamic events are included inside as well and no, they aren’t all underground.

If you enjoy group cooperation and strategic PvE gameplay, then these dungeons are just the thing for you.  They aren’t required to progress through the game in any way, it only provides great story, challenge and loot.

Some dungeon crawling in the Catacombs of Ascalon I believe.  Also, the last bit of the video leads nicely into the next topic.

Underwater Combat

This will be coming from multiple sources.

First we have a blog post from Arenanet, discussing various details.  Such as the big “Why are we able to breath underwater?”.  I made a thread about the matter on GW2Guru a few months ago, when I overheard one of the developers say you couldn’t drown and I wanted to know why.  Well, we all get nifty breathing apparatus, not dissimilar to the functionality of the re-breather in The Phantom Menace.

Thanks Obi-Wan

Underwater combat is going to be considerably different than anything I have experienced in my past MMO encounters.  Each profession will get their own unique underwater specific utility skills and weapon.  There will be a spear for melee combat, a trident for those magically adept, and a harpoon gun for the ranged supporters.

Fighting underwater challenges the player by introducing the z-axis and throwing danger at them from any angle, but it also opens up a lot of tactical opportunities for players as well. Area of effect skills can be used to hit foes on top of one another. You can use skills to force enemies up to the surface, or drag them down to the ocean floor. We really wanted underwater skills to take advantage of the 3D space!

Though, dragging someone to an deep sea grave?  Let’s hope they don’t have a breathing apparatus!

I really enjoyed this video.  Though, be sure you have the 20 minutes to spare watching it. :P

There is more work going into the underwater experience than I had anticipated.  I’m sure to find myself holding my breath during many a deep-sea exploration.

– Thrangis
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