Summer Plans

Originally I was wanting to go to PAX Prime in August, but I missed the sale period of the 3-day passes and didn’t want to drive up to Seattle for only 2 days.  (I want the full experience!)  Also, I would have gone with my brother and that would mean more expensive passes.  Looks like I’ll just have to remain here during those succulent events and wait for youtube to present me with the goodies I desire.

Other than out of the house events, and random vaca spots I’ll be hitting during my summer, there are a few games in my lineup.

First off, I need to finish a few of my smaller goals in Aion.  The PvP is nothing spectacular there so my overall goals are relatively minute;  gather a few coins from mentor quests, finish my gear, maybe get closer to 55… maybe even 55 itself.  I don’t care for raiding, grinding the same instances for gear, or the Abyss siege warfare (it’s a more frustrating, horrible, and boring version of WAR’s RvR lakes… sort of).

With Aion out of the way, I am trying to beat Fallout 3 for the first time.  Even though I’ve owned the game for a few years now.  Sad story, I know.  I just couldn’t get into it as deeply as Oblivion.  I love the fact that Liam Neeson is in it and the game setting is enjoyable.  It’s just sort of… ok to me though.  Anyway, I finish Fallout 3 and take it back to Gamestop with a few other beaten titles in exchange for Uncharted 2.  I progress through console games slowly, usually.  Mainly because of the ridiculous prices upon their release.  By the time I finish Uncharted 2 and return to MMO’ing and finish many other things I want to do Uncharted 3 should be cheaper.  That’s the plan. <3

I am currently goofing around with Dragon Nest’s beta.  Nexon’s next action style MMO.  I figured I see what it had to offer, since I’m interested in TERA.  It’s nice to have comparisons.  I’ll probably have screenshots or something later on.

Finally, before TERA possibly comes out in August (it’s a guess), I want to get stuff ready in LOTRO for the Isengard expansion.  That means finishing up Book quests, progressing my crafting, maybe leveling an alt… maybe.

All of this seems like a lot for me to do now that I have it written out.  We’ll see how much I can accomplish.

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