My Favorite E3 2011 Trailers… thus far

First off, I’m interesting in playing Tera.  There, I said it.  Primarily because of the effort EME (En Masse Entertainment) is putting into it.  Also, action styled combat sounds appealing to me.  The voice acting was better, in a sense, than some of the voice work for GW2.  But, that could simply be trailer work.  :)

The Rise of Isendgard!  I am super excited for September 27 and will definitely be catching up some loose ends come summer on my LOTRO characters.  <3

Even though I won’t be playing TOR, the trailers are always great to watch.  Apparently the group that makes all of these is called Blur.  They do a great job.  They should turn TOR into a movie instead of a game.  xD

More will undoubtedly come as I see them.

– Thrangis
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