GW2 Bloggers, Podcasters, and Fans… Oh My!

I always feel it’s good to support others in their endeavors to express their opinions, ideas, and experiences.  It takes others to build a community and I’m going to do my part. x]


GuildMag is a blog/podcast/magazine.  They actually release their own digital magazine each month filled with a slew of information pertaining to Guild Wars and Guild Wars 2

Talk Tyria’s medium is primarily in blog format.  They have many good sources for looking up lore, both GW1 and GW2.  As well as guides, which I’m assuming they will be filling up on upon the release of GW2.

The Relic of Orr is one of the major podcasters in the GW community.  This is one of the primary sources when others want to know what’s coming up in GW2 or hear an opinion about something coming up in GW2.A location planning to have many live stream feeds for GW2.  At this moment they are streaming several other games to better their experience with the streaming process.  I’ll definitely be checking them out frequently when GW2 is released.

A blogger I frequent with an entertaining writing style.

– Thrangis
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  1. :D
    Hey, duder! Glad you like the blog.
    I’m enjoying yours, too! It’s good to catch up on other MMOs, and this is a great place to do just that.
    Do you have a twitter handle? If not, I’ll still be sure to throw out your blog info for Follow Friday.
    Keep rockin’!
    – Cornish


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