A brighter tomorrow?

A step in the right direction?  I’d say so.  With Aion I’ve been nearing the limit of my enjoyment.  You can easily tell this is happening when you begin to notice problems with the game more frequently than before, and those problems start to bother you.

I’m happy to say that the Aion team is doing what they can to better their game.  There’s been a large number of changes and additions to the game, some of which I have yet to experience.  Overall it seems they’re speeding up the leveling and adding more customization options via appearance and “motion”.  The motion consists of buying “guides”, which aren’t cheap, you then apply these to your character and can jump, rest, stand, and run in various ways.

Ninja motion

Levitation motion – aka Rocket shoes

Back on track.  The biggest addition to the game is simply the graphics.  They did a major overhaul to provide more stylish gameplay to players with superior computers.  I am not one of these, but my brother is and it does look a good deal crisper, brighter, and vibrant.
Let’s see, what else…

There’s now a mentoring system to facilitate low level players joining higher level ones.  Nothing unheard of and definitely a great addition to the game.  Most games should have this feature in my opinion.  A cool feature that I haven’t experienced before is the reward system for players who mentor others.  Mentors can do daily quests while assisting their companion and will receive tokens that can be exchanged for weapons, armor, accessories, and other special rewards.  This is great incentive for others to actually want to help others.  They’ve also simplified looking for others to mentor by adding an additional section in the LFG window specifically for mentors, LFMen… >.>

There are, of course, many, many, other notes to this patch and most of them didn’t pertain to me (the pet system would be one).  If only they could patch the community.  That would be miraculous.

– Thrangis
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