Lion’s Arch – Pirate City

Some new content pertaining to the city of Lion’s Arch.  A melting pot of races and beliefs who share a similar goal:  the destruction of the Elder Dragons.

After reading the article I hope to see some guilds apply the Arch’s council style government to their own guild politics.  I think it would make a very interesting, and enjoyable, form of leadership amongst a guild.

Lion’s Arch is run by the Captain’s Council, a committee of wealthy merchants and sea captains. Those who wish to take an active hand in the city’s governance must prove themselves regardless of their race and heritage. They must be respected as a noted ship commander, and they must have contributed to the city’s growth or health. If they are seen as a leader in the city, then they may purchase one of the seats on the Captain’s Council – when one becomes available. This system of political governance leads to a great deal of one-upmanship among the local captains and on the council itself.

– Thrangis
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