GW2’s World vs World vs World

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Are you planning to have several WvW maps from day one, or will there beonly a single map at launch?

John Corpening: There will be four maps at launch. We will be pitting three different worlds together in WvW. Each world will have a home map that connects to a center map. Teams can invade their opponents’ home maps by first going through the center map. So we expect the center map to be a crossroads of combat as each team does battle for the glory of their world.

The World vs World vs World (simply known as WvW) is quite similar to WAR’s RvR lakes.  Initially it seems like one massive battleground/scenario/warfront that any player from your server can enter into at any given time.  No true assertions can be made until we have the opportunity to test it, but I’m curious about what measures are setup for low population situations.  I’ll look around the forums to see if I come across the comment, but I distinctly remember it being stated that WvW is not meant to balance your forces.  So your small group of 20 could be going up against an army of 100+.  What I’m trying to bring into subjectivity is the chance that you may want to enter WvW and find your server’s “map” completely overrun with enemy forces.  Of course, the inclusion of a third faction into PvP may make this point moot.

How are WvW maps going to be structured? Will it be a single map or severalsmaller maps?

Egan Hirvela: Players will start off in their own home maps. Here, they will be able to take control of vital locations and get a feel for how our capture system works. Once they travel to the center map, each team begins at their own portal keep. From here they can move out and fight for control of various landmarks while battling players from other teams. We anticipate the battles to cross back and forth between the center map and the outlying home maps as teams gain and lose footholds.

Does this mean that each map is instanced?  “each team begins at their own portal keep.” Is somewhat indicative of a seamed WvW experience, though I hope this isn’t the case.  I’d hate to be required to zone in and out of each map to rush over to an important objective or chase a fleeing enemy.

What kind of strategically important landmarks/locations will reside on aWvW map and what impact will those have on a battle?

Matt Witter: Each type of World vs World objective has strategic value. While I can’t delve too deeply into the specifics of how each objective type works. I can say that there is no wrong way to take part in WvW. If you are a solo player, small group player or large group player there is always something for you to accomplish. If the enemy is held up in a fully upgraded fortress and you are not the type of player that enjoys large scale combat, you can simply cut off their supply routes, and deprive the defenders of resources they need in order to maintain their defense. If you are planning on just working together as a small guild, you can easily take towers that cut reinforcements, and supplies off.

I appreciate the attention given to different play styles.  Many players that I have talked with enjoy the “lone wolf” experience and finding other individuals or small groups to unleash their fury upon.  Creating actual objectives with a “difficulty” built into them based upon your group size is an ingenious addition.  What I hope for is a strong presence from their Dynamic Event system inside of WvW, so that each objective is changed through a series of objectives throughout the course of WvW.  Thinking of the solo/group/guild PvPer is great, but if the objectives provided are ever found to be sub-par in benefits the players will be sure to mention it.  Also, if there is too little diversity in the objectives and they become a grind, players will opt for the quickest route to victory over a situation.  These are important factors to consider when creating open, objective based, PvP.

Thankfully they are avoiding many of the difficulties present in a dual faction system and building off of the strong tri-faction system.  This grants me a boost of confidence and nourishes my excitement.

– Thrangis
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