Not dead…

I promise.  I’m still here.  I’m just mulling around in this cesspool, stagnant and void of any real MMO information.  By now, most GW2 should be relatively easy to procure through various means.  I’ll post anything I, almost, literally crap myself over.

Aion is so much grind the only reason I still play is because I enjoy playing it with my brother.  If my brother wasn’t there I’d find a way to hack everyone’s account, destroy their items, and digitally defecate in their shoes.  I would kindly return their accounts with all of their UI’s and keybindings messed up beyond all recognition.  If you haven’t figured it out I detest the Aion community.  They are thee (that’s right, old english.  I went there) most dense community I have ever experienced.  I’m sure it’s primarily because they’re below the legal age of pubescence.

Anyway, I’m still here and kicking.  :D

– Thrangis  (duh! Winning!)
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  1. Oh wow, those are some strong feelings for Aion. The vibe I get is a negative one, I’m not sure that’s correct. :D

    PS: We need more Charr news highlights!


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