Perhaps, I like to think of it as a public emailing system to discuss our gaming banter.  Also, my attempt to spurn twitter…

Seriously though, give DA2 a shot even if it is favorable for console play.  I’ve seen a couple vids of PC gameplay and I wasn’t 100% sure if they were clicking repeatedly to attack or what, but it didn’t seem too… awkward.  The player managed to do alright.  It didn’t seem as fast as the console version, that’s for certain. :x

– Thrangis (emails made public).
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  1. Haha, you’ve actually done it. Let’s start a club and boycott Twitter and Facebook! And IM, IRC and emails too! Blogging ftw. :D

    My ranting about the consolification of DA a bit unjustified, since as I hear the controls and all are ok for PC and that it’s not even a port but parallel development. What I am ranting about is how BioWare keeps dumbing down their RPGs in an effort to lower the accessibility bar. You don’t have the the multiple conversation options from DA:O but rather then wheel of doom from Mass Effect, companions are more stupid story-wise/have less impact on the game, you can only control 1 character, you can’t create your own character, no isometric camera, etc…

    I like my action RPGs to be action RPGs and my classic RPGs to be classic RPGs. I like DA as an upgraded Neverwinter Nights. DA2 is downgraded Mass Effect. Bah.

    I’ll certainly be giving DA2 a go now. I’ll be playing through it roleplaying a complete dick (a bit like in RL). :D


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