*what I’m doing currently*

  • Replaying DA:O/Awakening (to lead back into DA2, which I thought was great btw.  I don’t know why I managed to find so many negative opinions on the thing.  I enjoyed it!)
  • Drawing in my free time and learning this darned photoshop.  It’s a hassle, but you learn nothing when you’re… not… learning.  Or something.
  • Drinking tea daily, because it tastes good and pop is bad for people (D:).
  • Logging into Aion occasionally to grind something.  I need so much from so many different facets of the game (darn you Korea!).  I’m looking forward to Tera though.  Mainly for the new economy, the one in Aion is shot.
  • Checking my blog and finding that only Blaq cares about me. (<3 your comments no-homo).
– Thrangis
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  1. Oh lol, are our blogs about to turn into a 1on1 messaging platform? Go for it! :D

    I really should look into DA2, I loved DA:O and Awakening. But if I get DA2 I’m going to play through it my way! Why? Cause I hate DA2? Why? Umm… cause it’s consolified? :o


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