Ganked in real life

I never really thought this would happen.  My brother and I made it through high school unscathed and have been living as “adults” for a few years now.

We were on our way home and decided to stop over at a local New Seasons to pick up something to drink.  A sudden desire for tiramisu sparked up and we quickly concluded that a slice for each of us would suffice.  Now, I was still in the middle of deciding which drink would satisfy me later and so I left it up to my brother to pick up the desserts which were conveniently located nearby the drinks.

Oh, low and behold there were exactly two slices left!  It was meant to be. Though, we had no basket since our original goal was only for drinks.  This left him short for holding capacity, carrying his drink in one hand.  My brother only managed to pick up one of the boxed slices before it happened.  Mid contemplation on how he was going to manage his retrieval of the second slice some 30-something year old prick strolls up and reaches around my brother and nabs the other box.  He then has the gall to make the remark, “Heheh, I hope this wasn’t the last one, kyuhuhuhuh!”…

*queue the venting rage*

We aren’t the type to act out upon this meandering oaf.  Also, with as many obscenities as were probably racing through my brother’s head I’m sure actually saying anything to this baboon was the last thing on his mind.

To wrap things up, we are without tiramisu.  We lost the desire to purchase the one slice we managed to claim.

– Thrangis
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  1. Bleh, tiramisu. All is well, no harm done. :>


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