Rift Review – Should you buy it?

I have been working out the kinks in my review and I was hoping to post this before the head start.  Yay for not making personal deadlines!

Seeing as the head start has been so successful (If you have to wait to play I guess that’s somewhat of a success for Trion), many gamers may be wondering if it’s worth it to even try Rift.  This really depends on what type of player you are.

The “Hardcore” Gamer

If killing the same monsters over again dampens your mood, if spending hours to days in the same zone leaves you sleepy, or if having to wait for “others” isn’t quite your style… you have nothing to worry about with Rift.  You can traverse zones quickly, solo, and with little grinding (unless you consider quests a grind).  There are already players, at this moment, who are max level (crazy I know!).  If you think you’re a “hardcore” gamer, or one that enjoys getting to the end of the game as quickly as possible, then I would suggest playing Rift right now.

“But Thrangis, I’ve heard the game is just like WoW/MMOs/Breathing!  Why would I want to play something so similar to something I’m already amazing at?!”

I’m glad you asked.  My reasoning for you is, because it’s similar. You’re already “best” at your current game, why not spread your magnificent presence to others?  Show those scrubs how to do it right.  Right?  You know you wouldn’t play the game for lore, so the story of the game is moot.  You want the PvP and raid conquests, something you’ve already completed where you are now.

To top all of this off, Trion Worlds has actually made a very stable game that performs accordingly.  There is nary a bug/glitch and the game plays smoothly.  Though, I feel a little bad for encouraging players of your ilk to join the ranks of players who actually want to enjoy the game’s PvP content, which includes world pvp.  You will no doubtingly turn this into a massive, throbbing, e-sport.  Crushing all contenders under the Warfronts and showing them how sub-par their soul builds are.  You will be the breed that creates the “cookie cutter” builds and scoff at the rest.


  • Easy to reach end game
  • PvP/World PvP
  • Scrubs to kill
  • Talent Trees/Soul Trees
  • Ganking
  • Potential e-sport
  • Domination
  • Superiority
  • Cross faction chat (still implemented maybe?)

The “Lore Hound”

Now to a group I can somewhat identify with.  Don’t get me wrong I’m not a lore hound, my brother is.  However, I do love hearing the things he has learned in the game and knowing that little extra about whoever it is that is affecting my digital world.

If you have yet to read Telarapedia from front to back (yet), I guarantee you will while playing Rift.  From the rise of Regulos the Destructor, the Dragon of Extinction, the Devouring Snake; To the Terminator esque beginnings of Defiant players (who are more or less zombified minions of Regulos that are now good, or rather defiant so … bad?  Up to loose interpretation).

Here’s the biggest catch for lore seekers:  Rift has a diverse story.  It’s a curious blend of science and fantasy, dragons and time machines, swords, magic, and guns.  With the added bonus of what Rift calls “artifacts” (Easter eggs) which are shiny glowing orbs hidden around the world, that take more time to locate than most players would like to spend, but offer a satisfying sense of accomplishment upon acquiring (by satisfying I mean loot).

You will be the players that interject others to correct mistakes in game lore, the ones who actually know why you’re wanting to kill the boss at the end of the long instance, or why everyone is fighting over the fang of Regulos and control of the Codex.  It will be you who unravels the very secrets of the game and certain paradoxical events that could never occur (but you let slide since you’ve grown to enjoy the story anyway).

The “Casual” Gamer

I fall more distinctly into this category, with sporadic jumps into the above groups on occasion.

If you manage to pre-order Rift before 3/15/11 (12 days), you will reap the benefits of the “founder subscription”.  This wonderful offer can equate to as little as $10 a month for the year, for as long as you play.  Does it take you months to level to the end of the game because you either:

  1. Have real life responsibilities.  Such as a job, family, friends, eating, exercising, not exercising, television, sports, sports on television, books to read, books with pictures so you don’t have to read, etc…
  2. Like to explore everything, thus taking several days to depart from each zone.  Hey, that’s okay though.  You know how to climb the mountain on the very southern part of the world and no one else.

If all of this isn’t enough to persuade you to get the game I just have to say this, all of your friends are leaving the game you are currently playing to play Rift. If you didn’t already know this then they probably weren’t the greatest of friends anyway and you should join Rift to make some new/better ones.  Nothing like fresh beginnings right?!


Don’t worry I didn’t forget you guys.  I almost did though… Seriously, my brother just reminded me last second.

The best thing about being an “Altaholic” is that you know everything about every class… under level 25.  With Rift’s “Soul” system, you can have more characters to switch between than ever before.  I’ll throw out some math for you.  There are 4  “callings” (12-8), these include Warrior, Rogue, Mage, and Cleric.  Each calling has 9 “souls” (4+5).  You can combine any 3 souls together to make your own unique class (press tangent on your graphing calculator). That means you will have 28 different combinations for each calling(carry the 5).  With four characters you have 112 classes at your disposal (simple math).

But wait there’s more!  “More you say?” Yes more!

With Rift’s very own “Role” system, you can have up to four unique classes ready and hot-swappable at any time! (by any time I really mean only out of combat)

Stop only knowing about classes lower than level 30!  See end game content!  Reach for the stars!


You may be wondering, “Thrangis, if this game is as good as you make it out to be why aren’t you playing it?”, to which I respond “How did YOU know I wasn’t playing Rift?”.

In all seriousness, I won’t be partaking of Rift because I got my fill of it during the Beta events.  It had it’s moments for me, both up and down.  But I won’t really go into the “down”, since I’m not trying to tear apart this game based off my opinions.  I just did my best to provide how I think it will appeal to certain groups.  I will leave it up to you to find your own opinions about the game.  Be them good or bad.

– Thrangis

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  1. i totally would suggest this game for any player, really; sets the bar really high for new mmo launches. =)

    What server are you on? char name?

  2. Well, your review is too positive for my tastes. I wouldn’t recommend a game I myself can’t enjoy to anyone, unless I knew it has something specific that the person would love about the game. With Rift, there isn’t anything specific to like. It’s just another WoW (albeit extremely well done) clone imo, with a few minor twists that may look like much (soul system, rifts) but turn out to be too watered down to be really distinct features. I just can’t see a reason for someone who’s playing WoW to move to Rift. Both games are polished, and while Trion managed to do something Blizzard couldn’t, launch a polished MMO that could contend with the MMO standards these days (which are extremely high, as the bar was set by Blizzard)

    If your argument for moving over is because you should show your prowess at a different game aswell, then I’m afraid it stands on shaky grounds. You have to remember that with the majority (even of “hardcore” gamers as you put it) like to choose the path of least resistance. No reason to go get a new game if you are good at another one and aren’t bored of it. :P

    I personally found the lore of Rift too much of a random patchword for my tastes. It just incorporates too many things at once, trying to mask the fact that it’s just a regular good/evil struggle with a big bad baddie. Throwing every fantasy element you can think of together with a generic backbone isn’t my idea of good lore. :P

    So yeah, stop being Mr. Niceguy. :P

    • Oh, I agree almost wholeheartedly with everything you said! In all honesty I was getting so irritated with everyone and their grandma playing Rift that I partially wrote this out of a single sarcastic spasm. Even Grimnir is playing Rift now! xD

    • I’m betting that once the hype wears off people will realise just how similar the game is to WoW design and focus-wise. If they keep playing, then that’s ok it would just be silly to dis WoW and having quit it in the first place. :P

      • I’ve seen plenty of those comments. For the most part, It seems that most players who came from WoW want another WoW that isn’t…. well, WoW. Rift is able to offer pretty much that.

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