Norn Hunting Grounds

New video taking a spinning glance at the area surrounding the norn.  There’s a couple clips of both male and female character models in the game… though no beards.  Perhaps they’re holding out on the beards to surprise us later?  But I can honestly say I don’t care for beardless norn.  Especially the one with the spidery-dreads look.

The models they’ve provided thus far leave me wanting.  They’re not all that spectacular.  I’m really hoping for some intricate level of character customization during creation (something we weren’t able to get a glance at last year).  PAX East may have some delicious goodies in store for us however.  :)

– Thrangis
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  1. For some reason this vid has left me cold. Perhaps it was because I’ve seen the Skyrim vid before it and it totally hyped me up, or because the video itself sucks. I’m trying to be excited for GW2 but the only bits that excite me are coming from my imagination. Disillusionment with MMOs?

    • I might have a bit of that as well. I had this very specific image of norn before they were presented this week. Maybe that was the problem. Anet has said that the norn aren’t just “big humans”, yet that’s kind of what I had envisioned them to be. Really big, mean, beardly humans. This rather blocky/bulky model is something I will have to get used to…


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