Human Week?

It seems the GW2 fan base will be getting a week long dose of game information focusing on the Human race.  I am looking forward to race specific details being expounded upon in the near future.  Especially Norn.  Here’s the week plan:

  • Tuesday – In a blog post full of cool audio clips of the background conversations between human NPCs, writer John Ryan will show how writing and sound design bring the human story to life in Guild Wars 2. This dialogue, overheard by your character in the human areas, really expands and fleshes out the world in a way that simple quest text can’t.

So, tomorrow (actually later today… if you want to be technical) I’ll have another post about the chatter in the human areas you’ll be experiencing as you find your self running around.  Some stuff I’m already curious about: Will NPCs talk about events you have specifically engaged in? Will they comment on your race/class? Will NPCs of a less “legal” nature mutter negative things about you (or offer profitable opportunities)?

  • Wednesday – Character art team lead Aaron Coberly discusses the current state of human character design in this blog post, which features some great examples of the range of armor and clothing available to human characters in Guild Wars 2.

Race specific armor.  This will be fun to look over.  I’m hoping there’s a change in the apparel depending on the origin of its wearers.

  • Thursday – We’re updating the human page on with new background detail authored by Jeff Grubb, new wallpapers, and a brand-new video tour of the human homeland.

More in-game or 2.5D visuals?  Sounds like simple eye candy, but appreciated.  :P

  • Friday – Lore and Continuity Designer Ree Soesbee explores the tension and balance of power between the three main armed factions in Kryta – the Seraph, the Ministry Guard, and the Shining Blade in this intriguing blog post.

Internal plot and conflict?  I hope it’s a riveting story…


A week dedicated to the species we know so very intimately.  The best part is seeing the growing activity from the GW2 website and Arenanet’s blog.  Which Race Week are you anticipating most?


– Thrangis
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  1. looking forward to Norn info too :D Go Norns Go!


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