A step in the right direction?

I just finished reading the January newsletter from Mythic and have to admit, it sound promising.  I’ll occasionally poke my head into the WAR business to see if anything worthwhile is taking place.

First off, I take it Cassie got bumped down and now James Casey is taking the reins.  If this is the case, I’m glad.  I didn’t see any real improvements taking place with her, more-so sporadic additions to the game with no sound structure.

The improvement I’m looking forward to the most: Live Events.  This was always a curiosity of mine, why WAR never used live events.  The game is teaming with ripe opportunities for them.  Everyone’s in a bloody war!  Random, unexpected, horrific, events should be littering the game every week.

However, all of the improvements aside.  I’m suspicious about the “server population” fixes.  Limiting the populations of the servers to increase peak hour times.  If someone could explain this to me that would be great.  Unless they’re planning on adding more servers, per specific timezones, then I would think increasing server population and merging servers would increase peak hours more effectively.

If WAR does manage to turn itself around and present some actual, game improving, changes then I might give the game another try.  The biggest objective that needs tackling is endgame content.  I’m sure all those RR70+ players are tired beyond tears of sieging Altdorf/Inevitable City.  Let’s get some new ORvR endgame content for those dedicated players! (and the Verminous Horde is a minor addition, I’m talking big stuff… Like the other bloody cities!)


– Thrangis

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  1. You’d think I’d be sick to my teeth of city sieges, but on Norn they mostly happen in off-times these days. I actually haven’t managed to catch a city siege in more than a week now, despite my craving for Sovereign on my Slayer. Sucks to be me. :S

    But yeah, WAR is getting extremely stale, and with the population and community shrinking exponentially, I can’t see the game going on for very long in this state, not unless something big happens. I hate to say it, but the only thing really viable thing that Mythic can do now to keep the game afloat is going F2P. Which would prolly make me lose much of my interest in it, but it would save the game. Sigh.

    • Sorry to hear it… I don’t think F2P would be in their best interest, even if it would gain the needed player base. Most of the players who play WAR are staying supportive because of the P2P model. There are some players who just don’t think F2P provides a “good” MMO. I hope they turn it around! :O


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