Surfacing of the Guardian


Finally the update everyone has been waiting for.  The next profession revealed, three more to go.

The more I learn about the Guardian the more I find myself wanting to play it.  Originally Warrior was going to be my choice, but that time is passing by.

I started a thread on the GW2Guru forums asking which of the two heavy classes they were going to play if they were hoping to gear more towards a “tank” role, even though there aren’t any true tanks in the game (lack of taunts).  Generally people were a tad touchy over my use of the word tank and disregarded my question, at least initially.  This is what I came away with, straight from Arenanet (Martin Kerstein):


One of the main differences between all our professions are their base stats.

The guardian has way less health than a warrior, but he has a fast hit point regeneration. So deciding when to grant the “Resolve” virtue to your allies becomes a very tactical decision.

You need to take hitpoints into account, not just armour – The guardian actually dies way faster than a warrior if played the wrong way.


So, the guardian plays more like an agile heavy support.  Your goal is to not be hit while running around and supporting your allies to the best of your ability.  Where as the Warrior takes a lickin’ and licks back, so to speak.

I will have to go through some “adjusting” to get used to GW2’s unique play style.


– Thrangis

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  1. i imagine they’ll release/announce a melee dps class which will do the most damage but have less armor than both the warrior and guardian, while the warrior can do more damage than the guardian but less than the melee dps class but have the most armor overall. I would imagine the Guardian being in the middle range of both? Focusing a bit more of defence (hence it’s buffs and traps) whereas the hunter focuses more on dps?

    • Something like that. They’ve gotten rid of the “traditional” roles (tank/dps/heals) and replaced it with their own trio, support/control/damage. Where other games would slot a class into one of the three roles, tank/dps/heals, GW2 professions maintain all three (support/control/damage) in varying degrees. Something kind of like this:

      Support > Control > Damage

      Control > Damage > Support

      Damage > Support = Control

      Damage > Support = Control

      Damage = Control > Support


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