Warfronts of Telara

I charged back into Telara excited to take a look at instanced PvP, Warfronts (scenarios).  With haste I started pressing my key bindings, attempting to remember which one opened the Warfront panel so I could sign myself up.  After a moment to read the panel (yes, I try to read things before I take action) I signed up for both available battles: The Black Garden and The Codex.

[update]: I thought I would add that I’ve been doing PvP primarily as a Saboteur/Assassin.  With just enough into assassin to get stealth and the rest into Saboteur.  The class is a ton of fun in pvp, since I can pick off people as they get low and control the movements of the enemy forces with snares/slow/stuns. :)

The Black Garden

This Warfront is easily summed up in two words: Mourkain Temple.  There’s a thing in the middle called the Fang of Regulos and it’s wanted by both factions.  Whenever someone decided to pick up the fang they start taking damage.  If you are not a cleric, or don’t have a cleric nearby, you’ll last maybe 15-20 seconds with the Fang before it kills you.  It’s quite toxic I gather.  The only conclusion I can come to as to why both factions are ready to kill each other over a chip of a dragon’s tooth (Regulos is a dragon btw), instead of working together to banish an evil that is trying to destroy the world, is because they’re afraid that the “other side” will get it and use it against them.  I couldn’t think of a better reason so that must be it.

Now, the goal of The Black Garden is to hold onto the Fang for as long as possible and acquire 500 points.  I happen to notice that there isn’t anything like bonus points for killing the person with the Fang, or killing someone while holding the Fang.  However, there are certain areas on the warfront that increase points for being near them.  I don’t recall if they show up on the map, but I’ve paid attention to the flow of points from being in different parts of the map at different times.  Basically it prevents people from grabbing the Fang and hauling back to their spawn (which only nets you about 1 point every few seconds, as opposed to 5 from other areas of the map).

Overall this Warfront is ok, but nothing new… something Rift is starting to make a habit of. :x

The Codex

Nordenwatch and Arathi Basin, to make the quickest comparison.  A simple capture, hold, repeat map.  The layout is… awkward, sometimes.  I feel like all the objectives are pulling everyone towards the middle of the map, making it difficult to sneak around the enemy group on occasion.  I’ve only played here a few times.

The goal is to grab as many of the objectives as possible, four in total.  The first to 1000 points (or the most points after the time runs out) wins.

Again, not all that impressed by this Warfront.

Suggested Warfront

I would personally like to see something more involved and Rift oriented.  Perhaps turning The Codex into a three way battle where different rift footholds appear and take objectives away from either faction.  Creating a third dynamic to an overdone instanced PvP style.  The team with the higher score would have a larger appearance of footholds near their objectives, giving the team with the lower score some advantageous opportunities. :)

I wanted to address the apparent community a bit, but since it’s beta I’m letting their banter slide.  So far… expect a great deal of “wow-isms” and other typical “game x > game y”.  I’m hoping it will change for the better for those who are actually looking forward to the game.

– Thrangis
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