Not much to PvP about…

I was hoping to crush some devout Guardians beneath my blasphemous Defiant boots, but the small bands that roam the Freemarch are few and far between.  They usually get mauled by ravenous low-levels swarming towards them in groups of 25, at least.  I tried to find/form a group of brave adventurers to travel into the Silverwood (Guardian territory), but no one would answer my calls.  Bunch of cowards I say.  So… I tried to sneak my way around on my own, only to be mauled by a bunch of low levels. D:

I can’t give a concise depiction of any real PvP, seeing as there hasn’t been any to comment on.  I ran the Iron Tombs again, took some video of that instance.  They added some voice actors and I couldn’t help but laugh to myself every time I heard them speak.  Except for this one boss… I had to turn off my speakers to get him to shut up. >.>

Through all of this I swapped my soul to Ranger 16/Marksman 10.  It’s an interesting thing to have the rogue combo point mechanic applied to ranged abilities and produces some nice burst damage.  My boar, Gorza, is my best pal when we go stomping through the fields to close some rifts.

Hopefully there will be some big… PvP event thing to draw everyone closer together.  Maybe I just need to wait for more of the people who just got into the event to level up.  I dunno…


– Thrangis
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