Entering The Rift

The final days of Rift’s beta events are starting tomorrow.  This will be the first look at the PvP in the game and I’ll probably play as Defiant even though I prefer the Guardians.  Since my rogue is already 20 I’ll get the full experience from the event.  I was rather surprised to see Trion lift the NDA prior to this closing event, but I’m happy to see how confident they are with their game.

Even though I won’t be buying the game I appreciate the quality of the development team.  They are making a definite mark as a company who works with the community and takes the thoughts of the players into consideration.  This may just be the early “honeymoon” phase of the game that’s bringing about such player-developer interaction and it may wind down as time goes on.  I hope that won’t be the case.  If Trion is able to maintain the level of involvement that is currently being seen, Rift will have a very solid foundation to grow from.

As for the event tomorrow, I’ll be taking as many screenshots and recording as much video as I can manage.  I’ll definitely have to re-soul my rogue, since Riftstalker is pretty awful in PvP.


– Thrangis
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