Rift Beta – Stage 2

If you’re wanting to get into this event, check out Rift’s Twitter and Facebook page for a chance to win a key.

Last even was a taste of the Defiant starting zone, with an interesting introductory plot and cinematic.  Now it’s the Guardian’s turn.

While the game felt like it was lacking a bit in delivering a challenge to the players, it did very well at presenting a very smooth game play experience.  Especially since we’re only looking at closed beta.  The Ascended system and the Soul tree are both great.  It took a mechanic that people are familiar with, and enjoyed, and improved it.  Also, you can preset up to four Soul builds at a time (similar to the talent swapping in WoW).

Sadly though, I’m still waiting for something great to come out of the main game content, the rifts.  Overall the mechanic seems like a watered down version of a Public Quest at high speed.  Other than a way to kill time when I reached level 20, I didn’t involve myself in that many rifts leveling up.  It’s not that they weren’t hard to find, they pop up on the map and minimap, there was no real reason to go in and close one (other than to experience the rift and get “rift currency”).  Some rifts ended up remaining open for a while with no one even bothering to deal with it.  I think they need to be made scarier and present a greater threat to the area around them.

This time around I’m going to try a DPS class, maybe a mage or warrior calling.  I went Riftstalker during the defiant event and found they’re super fun and easy to PVE with, though lack horribly in the their PVP functions.

Keep your eyes peeled for those keys!


– Thrangis
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  1. Oh damn. I was pinning my hopes for Rift on it’s namesake actually having an effect on the gaming world. You make it sound just like glorified PQs. :(

    • Yeah, it may just be partly because of there being so many players in a limited zone. However, even with the player absent rifts, I have yet to really see any of them get “out of control”.


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