Crafting – Luck of the draw

I wasn’t 100% sure on what to title this.  Basically I’m wanting to address some of the bizarre functions in LOTRO’s crafting.  Overall I enjoy the crafting, albeit somewhat time consuming.  However, the way their crafting works when attempting to crit on a single use recipe is frustrating.

They provide a rough percentage for your chance to crit.  This value is determined by the following :

  • Base crit chance of 5%
  • Crafting Tool (up to 20%)
  • Crafting Lore (up to 12.5% from Supreme Scholars)
  • Crafting Journal (this is the “crit item”, 35%)
  • Crafting Resource (45%; in the case of Metalworking, brimstone)

So, in total there is a 82.5% chance to crit on a single use recipe, or 92.5% chance on normal recipes.  Seems like the odds are in the crafter’s favor, but they really aren’t (at least for the single use recipes).  For some strange reason this percentage doesn’t convey assurance that you will crit on an item.  It’s still 50/50 (which is logical in a sense, I either will or will not crit). The fact that the materials/effort needed to get these conditions can be costly or time consuming should be reason enough to bolster the crafter’s confidence in this crit value.  I’ve had some instances where I’ve failed to crit on all but one piece of a single use recipe set (that’s six recipes).  This is unacceptable. :(

My proposal is to simply switch the critical values of the Crafting Resource and the Crafting Journal.

I know that the other aspect of the crit chance is to help out the game’s economy by making certain crafting gear less abundant.  I also know that much of the gear is easily replaced later on through instances and rep gear.  The main point I’m attempting to hit is the frustration caused by failing to crit with such a high chance at doing so.

– Thrangis
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  1. with such a high rate of crit, doesn’t it make you feel a crit is actually just success, while a normal success becomes a failure? I think its nice to have bonus’ to crit, but it shouldn’t be near guaranteed

    • That’s could be another aspect of it. The fact that I’m so near to 100%, I might be unintentionally expecting more out of the percentage. An alternate option for them would then be to lower the chance to crit across the board and make the non crit items better overall.

      And yes, whenever you create a “normal” it does feel like a failure. Since those normal crafted items are usually worthless.


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