Rift Planes of Telara

I’m anticipating more exploration in Telara later today, at the moment I only had a brief encounter before I head off to work.  I’m not allowed to share any “in game” goodies because of the NDA, but I’ll be sure to convey my overall mood towards the game (all details stricken from my lips of course!).

Also, to those who are asking for Beta VIP Keys, I don’t have any.  I was just kindly trying to point those interested in where they could be found.  I wish I did have a handful of keys to give away.  The more testers the better as far as I’m concerned. :)


– Thrangis
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  1. I’m really keen on getting a Rift beta key, but I can’t be arsed to create a twitter account and keep refreshing various websites to get it. I guess I’ll get to see the game in open beta.


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