AVG Free 2011 – on the fritz

My AVG was throwing a fit today.  I was bombarded continually with requests to reboot my PC in order to “finalize” an update.  So I reboot, it asked me again, I rebooted again, it asked me again…  I suddenly felt a moment of déjà vu.  I had run into something like this with AVG back in ’09.  Here is how I fixed it:

  1. Download AVG Free 2011 (you can do so here)
  2. Run the .exe (“avg_free_stb_all_2011_1170_cnet.exe” in this case)
  3. When prompted to proceed, do so.
  4. Select “Add or Remove Features” and continue
  5. Click next (to approve that random code thing they give you)
  6. Leave your destination folder at default, click next (unless, of course, you have your AVG in another directory)
  7. AVG will install the missing data needed
  8. Restart your PC when prompted
  9. That bothersome reboot message shouldn’t appear anymore!

I’m only throwing this up because I didn’t run across anyone telling how to fix this (yes I looked >_>).  Anyway, I think it has something to with the AVG updater not downloading all the files needed for it to finish updating… or something to that effect.

– Thrangis
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  1. Microsoft Security Essentials.

    Because MS actually has a vested interest in making your PC clean, efficient, and hassle free.
    “Free” AV solutions have an interest in fear and inconvenience forcing you into an upgrade path.

    • Yeah, a friend of mine once told me that the AV companies were the makers of the same viruses that they were protecting you from. I’ll have to give MSE a look over though. :D

    • hahah… Yeah I actually just went ahead and switched to MSE. Got myself out of that mess. What you said earlier made a lot of sense. I had just been using AVG for so long I didn’t think about looking for other options.

  2. I’ve been using AVG for a few years now, and I have to say I haven’t had problems with the AV or viruses in forever (last time I did was exactly why I got AVG). But then again, I like to think I’m not really stupid when surfing and that I’m experienced enough not to pick up all kinds of viruses.

    Not bashing other AV programs, just saying AVG isn’t bad. Actually it’s quite adequate for your average user. :)

    • This was the main reason I’ve been a AVG user since 2004 (I think). The pestering reboot update was really starting to get on my nerves though. xP


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