Onto the Sequel!

It has been a rewarding couple of days in LotRO.  I managed to finish Volume 1 of the Book storyline, with the help of my brother.  The buff system they implemented creates an instance easy to solo, so two-manning it was no trouble.  With this hurdle taken down I can return LotRO to a more “casual” play status.  Here’s a screenie of Mordirith blasting Amarthiel/Narmeleth with Nazgul power.

Two days until the Rift beta and I really hope I manage to get on board.  I never did find a VIP key, but I’ll be watching their twitter in case any other opportunities arise before the 3rd.  Overall the game looks interesting.  It has that “familiar” style found in older MMO’s, but I really hope that these similarities won’t cause players to lose sight of some of the game’s finer points.

– Thrangis
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