Rift Beta and Other Updates


Just finished updating my account with a Beta Key…  nothing is “for sure” but my chances of getting into closed beta are improved.  Overall the game has some interesting features I’ll hopefully get the chance to look into.  As always, this is the place where I’ll be putting my thoughts!


I’ve been keeping myself busy in Vindictus, to the best of my abilities, and am just now getting into the content of Ainle.  With the next update around the corner I hope I can get my Evie high enough to jump on in with the rest of the other players.  x]


There’s no real rush to progress any of my higher level characters beyond where they’re at, at least not yet.  With discussion of Turbine planning to remove the unjust “Radiance” mechanic from the game, I’m going to hold back from attempting to gear myself out with the latest in radiance pieces.  However, I did manage to progress through most of the book quests that I had previously been unable to do (hard to find fellowships).  There were some changes made to allow for solo-style players (or players having difficulty finding a fellowship) to do some of the harder chapters in the book quests.

Journal of Grudgery

Now, I’m well aware that any journal entries for Thrangis are going to be way overdo and I’m sorry for the huge delay (especially to those who enjoy the entries).  I’ve been working on something extra for the next post.  Just need to wait a little longer. :)

– Thrangis
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