Rise of Isengard

This is a bit early to get overly excited for it, but I’m happy to say that Turbine is taking LOTRO to Isengard!  I’m looking forward to getting into some of the more pivotal areas from the books.  Also, the closer I get to Rohan the better!

The expansion is set to be released in Fall of 2011.  Here are the major highlights:

  • Level cap raised to 70 (an extra five levels)
  • New traits/abilities/virtues
  • Revamped monster player (PVMP – Player vs. Monster Play)
    • LOTRO ‘s current PVP scene is rather lacking and difficult to pick up.  The new update is bringing a new zone with it and a “change” to advancement. (I’m curious to see how the changes are going to set the pace for PVMP)

Crafting wasn’t talked about, but I’m assuming there is going to be another tier added.  As it stands Supreme is the highest tier with Master being the next tier down.  So, I’m wondering how, or what rather, they’re going to name this next tier.

On top of this, my Rune-keeper is bursting at the quickslot bars with abilities.  I hope they don’t add any more abilities.  As much as I’d love to see some great new abilities, I have no feasible place to put them.  My suggestion would be to revamp current abilities to either be more powerful or do something extra.  Something that Turbine has already done during the release of Lothlorien and Mirkwood.

– Thrangis
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