Current Progression Towards F2P

This has been discussed quite frequently across the various lines of MMO communication.  Frankly, many doubt if there will be room for the P2P model to survive in the future of MMO development.  I don’t see it as too much of a problem.  It’s the players who decide how they want to pay for what they’re playing and it’s pretty obvious by the changing standards that F2P (or some variation of it) is what they are signing up for.

Now, I used to be under a somewhat old fashioned mindset and didn’t mind paying a monthly sub for an MMO that I enjoyed.  I believed: by paying a subscription I was insuring that I was getting a quality game with content equally available to the rest of the game’s community.  The only problem I really had was feeling more inclined to play that game over others because I was consistently paying to partake of the game.  With the current change in many older sub based games to the F2P model I’m able to casually enjoy those games whenever I desire.  I am well aware now that a F2P game is perfectly capable of providing the quality I had previously found in the P2P market.

What is it that you prefer about P2P or F2P?  What are you currently playing?

– Thrangis 
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  1. i haven’t played a good f2p game besides DDO (but soloing isn’t fun), currently waiting for Guild Wars 2 and playing Fallout New Vegas

    • Yeah, I also tried the DDO scene. It’s an interesting game and I enjoyed the gameplay/story telling features, but doing everything solo is definitely a drag.


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