GW2 – Tactical Mapping

It’s been a little while since I’ve seen anything worth really writing about from Guild Wars 2.  Arenanet is doing a great job of building anticipation among the fan base and I’m glad I have a healthy supply of patience.

The people over at Mondes Persistants had a chance to sit down with Isaiah “Izzy” Cartwright.  Even with Izzy being “the man” when it comes to GW2 PvP, I didn’t get all that much from the article.  Generally speaking they discussed some of the differences between the old PvP in GW1 and the upcoming GW2.

The main point of the article that peaked my interest was map design for the would be battleground/scenarios.  From what I gathered Izzy isn’t happy with current map designs for PvP.  He is hoping to create “living maps, allowing for a wide range of tactical options”.  Essentially turning GW2 into an “e-sport” out of the gate.  Something I’m sure Blizzard would love to do if they had to opportunity to go back and change things.  I’m enthusiastically waiting to get my chance to test all of this out first hand.

– Thrangis
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