Rune-keeper Update – Fire Yay!

The new Dev Diary went into the known details of the Rune-keeper update.  It seems our class is too good.

The Rune-keeper currently sits at top tier in both damage and healing output.

I’ve personally done the healing bit and enjoyed it.  I like the challenge of maintaining HoTs over a group and working preemptively against necessary spot healing.  I’ve also goofed around with Fury of Storms.  However, I’m a fire RK (Rune-keeper) through and through!

To sum up the non fire trees:

Solitary Thunder

  • More flavor.
    • The tree was thought of bland so they’re spicing it up. (You’ll have to slightly adjust your typical skill rotation, but overall the tree is still critical heavy)
  • New Ability

Benedictions of Peace

  • Skills cost more power
  • Improved spot healing
  • New ability

To get more information on these trees please refer to the link earlier in my post. :)

Now to the good stuff!

Cleansing Fires

  • New Skill – Essay of Flame
    • Applies a Tier 3 Writ of Flame (awesome)
    • High power cost
    • 60 second cooldown
    • Requires 6 Battle Attunement (I get the impression I will be using this ability to stick a tier 3 WoF on a secondary or tertiary mob that needs some fire management)
    • Has a 6 second induction (gross….)
  • 4 Trait Set Bonus
    • Increased resistance penetration (great!)
    • Reduced induction time on “Essay of Flame” to 1.5 seconds
  • Scathing Retort
    • Debuff reworked. It will now linger on a foe for an amount of time based on how long you channel for (great for boss fights)
  • Writ of Flame”
    • No longer occasionally becomes resisted and dispels on tier up or down (didn’t notice this too much, but should be helpful)
  • Frost-Burn
    • No longer decreases the damage on Writ of Flame (also didn’t notice all that much)

Overall great changed are coming my way.  The biggest issues I dealt with as a fire RK was building up my dots before everyone else killed them, mainly on trash.  Eventually I didn’t worry about building up until boss fights.  I feel I’ll be able to use the first couple trash mobs to build and throw Essay of Flame on the tougher baddie in the group to really help burn him down.  Now that I have these changes to look forward to… maybe I should finish up Mirkwood on my Rune-keeper. >.>

– Thrangis
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