Silly Frilly Outfits

I’m at the stage in my Evie adventuring where everyone around my level looks pretty much the same.  The sad thing is we all got together and decided to buy our clothes from the Little Bo Peep catalog.  Now I’m pushing really hard to get into some more practical mage-alchemist attire.

Overall I like the class, but I am beginning to miss Fiona now and again.  Evie has no grapple maneuvers that I have seen yet.  I recall a video of her using some interesting group levitate ability on everything around her… but I’m assuming I won’t get a taste of that until later.

There’s still some hiccups in the latency department for group missions.  I really wish they would make it more stable.  Usually I am cutting myself to only two other members to reduce the chance for random lag.  I can play solo and enjoy myself for only so long.

– Thrangis
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