LOTRO F2P – Minor Complaint

I’ve been taking my time while progressing, for the 5th time, through Turbine’s Middle-earth.  Enjoying all the extras that happen to fall into my lap.  Getting to know some of the newcomers to the community.  Lending a helping hand to those who are in need.  It’s really nice to re-acclimate myself to older surroundings.  However, I had a rather distasteful session the other night while attempting to do the Great Barrow.

In the past, and by past I am referring to the time when I subscribed to LOTRO, the Great Barrow wasn’t ran very often.  It was a struggle to find enough people to stick through this somewhat lengthy endeavor.  Thankfully, I rarely play MMO’s alone.  I usually have the comradery of my brother to battle all manners of encroaching evil in dark holes.  We were able to run ourselves through this barren instance without assistance from the scarce low level population.  At some point whilst we were away from the game, or perhaps in the F2P switch, the Great Barrow got a bit of a make-over.

No longer was it necessary to do the instance in its entirety. Turbine had broken the barrows into three separate instances that effectively work to lessen the time strain for more casual players.  When I first came to understand the new change I was very excited. No longer having to set aside a few hours for an instance was good news. I liked the update!  So, my brother and I got ready for the first instance, Thadur The Ravager.

I hopped onto my 60 Guardian to run my brother’s 24 Guardian.  I made quick work of all the familiar mobs in the familiar section of the instance.  All seemed well until I noticed the change.  Turbine decided to update the instance.  I’m assuming this was to help familiarize newer players with fellowship coordination;  I hope to see the after effect in Moria.

Anyway, Turbine simply added candle wisp things as a trigger for opening the door to the boss.  Just kill all the wisps before the boss says “Too slow” and you win.  Here’s the problem: My brother and I alone are incapable of killing all of these wisps in the allotted time.  There was no way for us to open the door.  We needed more people! >.>

This is only a minor complaint for me, because I am able to see the positive spin on this.  Making the instances shorter means more players will be inclined to run them.  I’ll just have to use my social skills and group with others.  I have yet to try any of the other instances, but I wouldn’t be surprised if I find some changes to them all for better group play.

I wish I was able to kill all those wisps in time to fight the final boss, I wish it so bad!  I don’t particularly like being forced to group with others if I am able to do it on my own, or rather was able to do it on my own.

– B

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