Evie – Day 1

First Impression: I really enjoy the fighting style.  It is very melee based, but if I think of it more like I’m playing an “alchemist” instead of a mage then I don’t mind all that much.  You have your spells slotted up where your quick items would be, leading me to believe that you will carry a limited number of items.  They make up for this by giving Evie abilities like revive among other things.  Beside all of this, I love swinging around a staff… It just has a nice feel to it.

After a few hours I’m moving along nicely.  Evie is incredibly fun to play.  The health shield helps a great deal when fighting the normal mobs, but you won’t want to rely on it during boss battles.  Coming from a character who can block attacks I find myself trying to do the same.  I need to get used to timing my dodges better. x]

– B

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